About Us

Na Maza, a Canberra based Metal-core group, have been an active local band since 2007 and have supported acts such as: Twelve Foot Ninja, Angry Anderson and the band of Doom, just to name a few. Amongst the goals that the band have set for themselves, bringing to life the music that could only be heard in their heads, the music that they longed to hear, is their number one goal.

Each member of Na Maza was born into the music industry from different origins and have had their own experiences and adventures as they’ve waded their way through the music industry. The band believe that this adds to their diversity and helps them achieve a more unique sound via a range of perspectives.

Mila was raised as a performer and has played professionally from a young age. He also plays regular acoustic session at The Basement and is a Personal Trainer and Krav Maga instructor. He is influenced by genres such as: Country, Jazz, Blues, Rock N Roll, Rock, Hard Rock, all forms of Metal and Opera.

Izza started out in a small town, pub rock, cover band before moving to Canberra and joining Na Maza. He now provides mastering and recording services for local Canberra bands in his spare time. He is influenced by genres such as: Blues, Chill-Step, Classical, Hard Rock, all forms of Metal and Gospel music.

Lloyd has been an aspiring local Canberra musician for most of his life and in between guitar practise and work, he is also a Fitness Enthusiast and Personal Trainer. He is influenced by genres such as: Funk, Blues, Hard Rock, Prog Metal, Djent, Neo-Classical all forms of Metal and Folk.

Nick has also been a local Canberra musician for most of his life and has performed in dozens of local bands. He also enjoys sunsets and long walks on the beach. He is influenced by genres such as: Rap, Hip Hop, R & B, Hard Rock, all forms of Metal and Lounge.

Lance is a veteran Canberra musician and a local venue and music business owner. He has been a pioneer and promoter for the local music scene for many years. He is still unable to stop Vincent (pictured above-centre) from chewing everything. He is influenced by genres such as: Punk Rock, Rock, Hard Rock, all forms of Metal and Disco.

In 2012, Na Maza recorded their debut album Z at Infidel Studios and released it in early 2013. Initially, the album was exclusively released on USB/Digital format only and has had songs from the album featured on the late night
television show, Blokes World. A re-mastered release of the album is planned to be available in the later months of 2017.

In mid 2016, the band finalised and began recording their second album I
The Undersigned
at Infidel Studios. This album was Mastered by Leon Zervos (301 Studios) and unlike the debut album, I the Undersigned was destined to be released on CD in early 2017 – exclusive Digital releases are available for original USB owners at a discounted rate.

Na Maza are currently preparing to take the release of I The Undersigned on the road. 2017 Tour Details are expected to be released in the mid months of the year.

The band are also progressing with the writing of their third album and recording is on track to begin in early 2018. Na Maza hope to announce the launch of their third album in the mid months 2018.